Awakened Heart (Shambhala Training Level IV)

with Shastri Shelley Heinz

May 19th—May 20th

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Room: 4495 Indianola Avenue

Connecting with the world, and communicating with it more directly, permits us to experience our heart and the ways we respond to experience. Rather than using those responses as an occasion to re-generate habitual patterns, we can use them as reminders to wake up further. When we allow ourselves to meet the world in this way, without hope and fear, we find resources of steadiness and energy.

When we enter the world in an open and vulnerable way, we let the world touch our heart, and our heart wakes up to the touch. We encounter the world with clear perception, free from our conventional ways of thinking and experiencing. We learn how to awaken and open our hearts so that we can communicate fully with the world.

This program includes meditation training and practice, talks by the director, individual meetings with a meditation instructor, and group discussions.

Shambhala Training Level III is a pre-requisite for Level IV

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 Shambhala training is free for individuals ages 12-20.