Contentment in Everyday Life DOHA

That thought there…touch it and let it go.

Our plates are not trash. They are beautiful. I am glad.

Lovely oral sensations bursting with strong flavors.

In between the bites of berry, calmness settles in.

In the stillness, my heart sings.

Thinking “what do I write”, no one in the room.

With soil, water, sun, love – it all grows.

Sit. Be still. Repeat. Until.

I take one bite. My stories take two.

Me….I’m just like you…

In the nowness my mind wonders…

The symphony of the crunchy cracker.

The openness of the clean plate.

Lip smack crunch gulp clank slurp, wink and smile.

Just the way a meal should be enjoed.

No piece was dropped. satisfaction reigns.