Joy In Everyday Life (JIEL)

with Betsy Loeb, Phong Nguyen, Linda Wolf

February 3rd—March 2nd

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Room: 4495 Indianola Avenue

As meditation practice expands and we develop trust in Basic Goodness, we begin to discover the confidence and personal energy to go forward on the journey.  We discover a sense of joy and bravery. The Mahayana teachings on compassion become the inspiration for a life of cheerful, gentle discipline and freedom from doubt, based on our personal experience. 

Open to the public.  (The Contentment in Everyday Life course or other experience with meditation is strongly recommended before taking this course, but it is not required.)

This course will be facilitated by Betsy Loeb, Phong Nguyen and Linda Wolf, and will include video talks by Shastri Holly Gayley.

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