Buddhist Studies

with Shastri Janice Glowski & Prof Matthew Kahle

January 21st—February 25th

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Room: 636 Chase Road

Shastri Janice Glowski and Matthew Kahle will offer a second 5-week Buddhist Studies course. The course will cover classic topics of Buddhist history and philosophy. We will mix the study of these topics with meditative and contemplative practices, and we will discuss each week, in circle, how this living Dharma can be relevant to our daily lives.

Buddhist studies have been offered at our center in the past, but it has been several years, and we have received several requests for the study of the Buddhadharma, specifically. We hope that it supports those who are seeking to study Buddhism and meditation in these difficult times, and also that it supports those who are looking to understand the larger context in which the Shambhala teachings have unfolded.

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