Wisdom in Everyday Life (WIEL)

with Shastri Janice Glowski

June 4th—July 2nd (2018)

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  • $110 Program Price
  • $135 Patron Price
Room: 4495 Indianola Avenue

Pre-requisite: Fearlessness in Everyday Life class.

Meditation uncovers our wisdom.  This wisdom is always present and can be applied to transform confused situations and emotions into effective actions. No longer deterred or depressed by obstacles, we can include everything as part of the path. The challenges of daily life become opportunities for both contemplative practice and social action.

The Wisdom in Everyday Life course looks at the qualities of a master warrior whose vastness of mind and skills in enriching the world are fully manifested.  Here the practitioner is introduced to the vajrayana teachings of Buddhism, which reveal the sacredness of the phenomenal world.

Students will receive essential instructions for transforming confused emotions and situations into wisdom as they arise. The master warrior is no longer deterred or depressed by obstacles, but with tremendous forward vision and strength, playfully includes everything as part of the path. In this way, the warrior is able to skillfully benefit the world.

The path of Shambhala is here to awaken us to the potential of our lives.  It teaches us how to live meaningfully and vigorously, with joy.  Its ancient but practical wisdom allows us to discover unconditional human confidence.  Through the practice of meditation, we discover that goodness, strength, and wisdom are inherent in our own mind and being.  Having gained this insight, we are able to maneuver through life with courage, intelligence, and compassion.  Daily life becomes an opportunity to further cultivate these qualities.  In Shambhala this journey is exemplified by the tiger, lion, garuda, and dragon—four animals that each reveal to us a specific wisdom.  As we fully realize these enlightened qualities, we are able to rouse them for a world that desperately needs this knowledge and experience.  I look forward to working with you as we make this journey together.

-Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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