Nothing Missing Leadership: Learning from the Wisdom and Power of the Forest

with James Drescher

November 17th—November 19th (2017)

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Location: 3939 Riverview Drive

Leadership is elemental.

Power derives from awareness and skillful application of effortless flow,earthy

richness, creative heat, and vigorous wind.

Wisdom is the realization that all these elements arise spontaneously from

the fifth: vast space.

The first four elements together are practicality.

Space is vision.

Wise and powerful leadership depends on joining vision and practicality for

the benefit of all beings.

This first in a series of three Nothing Missing Leadership retreats emphasizes the view and practice. The inner practice, the 4-step cycle of caring, illuminates the leader’s inherent wisdom. The outer practice of the four powers is what brings that wisdom of kindness and generosity out into the world. Using intention and discernment to join wisdom and power for the benefit of society is what is called enlightened leadership.

Most of this retreat will be in nature, using surprising and delightful exercises to bring conceptual understanding into our body of awareness. Natural systems offer clear mirrors in which we can see what is.

We will connect in nature: with ourselves, with each other and with our whole environment and society.

Hosted by Larry Hill and Janice Glowski


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