Nurturing the Inner Teacher: Mindfulness and Wisdom in the Classroom

with Acharya Noel McLellan & Michelle King

September 13th (2015)

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  • $60 Program Price
  • $85 Patron Price
Room: 636 Chase Road

Appropriate for Teachers and Educators at all Levels.

The Shambhala Center of Columbus welcomes Acharya Noel McLellan (Nova Scotia) and award-winning middle school educator Michelle King (Pittsburg) for a day of renewal and retreat for teachers!

Few careers are as rewarding or as challenging as teaching. As teachers we make countless decisions, face countless frustrations and inspirations, and try to offer our best to our students, colleagues, and administrators. Working with our own mind/heart as the foundation of a mindful classroom, how can we discover our deepest resources in order to meet each moment with genuine human wisdom?  Meditation practice is a means of discovering our own basic worthiness, clarity, and open heart.  It allows us to nurture ourselves so that we can meet our students, and live in each moment, with peace and bravery.  

This self-care workshop will introduce the principles and practice of mindfulness meditation from the Shambhala tradition.  Participants will learn the simple practice of sitting meditation, which can be done for long periods of time, or for as briefly as a few minutes.  Talks and group discussion will explore these principles in the context of teaching and education.  

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Noel McLellan is an Acharya, or "honored teacher", in the Shambhala tradition. His inspiration to teach began in grade 4 when he attended Vidya, the first Shambhala-inspired elementary school in Boulder, Colorado, which included meditation and a variety of contemplative arts.  Today he teaches middle and high school English and History at the Shambhala School in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He views school as a place to care for young minds and hearts, and to plant the seeds of transformation for a more beautiful culture and society.  His writings on education, culture and Shambhala may be found on his blog, broken leaf, at

Michelle King is a dynamic and resourceful change agent in the middle school setting, where she is dedicated to creating a compassionate, student-centered environment. Key to her approach is to be actively involved in learning a multitude of ways to engage students of all abilities to succeed. Known as a motivator of students and colleagues to expand their mindsets and skills for greater self-expression, she connects lessons and ideas to the individual and the world beyond the classroom. Known as a self-driven leader who fosters an environment of collegiality, respect, humor, empathy, and dedication, she collaborates with all sectors of the community to grow viable learning ecosystems. Hear more from Michelle at