Circle, Brush & Sword : Joining Stillness & Decisive Action

March 14th—March 15th (2015)

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  • $325 Program Price
Room: Mid-Ohio Foodbank

All Are Welcome!  Shambhala Columbus & The Ohio State University collaborate to bring Toke Møller, Barbara Bash & Bob Wing to Central Ohio for this unique & powerful leadership retreat.

Joing us in practicing the art of peaceful warriorship. Through circle dialogue, brushwork & aikido sword play, we will increase our individual and group capacity for staying centered and working effectively in the difficult situations of our challenging times.

"On a very practical level, Circle, Brush and Sword can be described as practices based in experiential learning and powerful conversations aimed at strengthening individuals, but always resulting in stronger inter-relational (community) bonding and building, thus leading to more effective leadership with greater and more elegant accomplishment of goals."  - Bob Wing

Toke Møller
Barbara Bash
Bob Wing

Sponsored by The Women's Place, Ohio State College of Social Work, Columbus Shambhala Center, Central Ohio Art of Hosting Community. 

For more information, contact Hazel Morrow-Jones at [email protected]