Nature and Mindfulness Classes for Children

Once teaching a private lesson, my student, Kaya and I were taking a nature walk around the OSU wetlands. Our task was to find 4 pebbles to use in a pebble meditation by Thich Nhat Han.

We each found our 4 pebbles and continued our walk. We walked by dried golden rod gone to seed and cattails falling apart, their puffs covering our path. We scooped up handfuls of the soft, puffy seeds and imagined a bed made of only this downy fluff.

As we rounded the bend something caught our attention. Three deer, graceful and strong, bounded through the water of the billabong. We stopped moving just to take in the sight of the water splashing and the deer leaping. We started to follow them and as they reached the other side of the swamp we stopped and they did too. We looked at each other. Then their white tails flashed and they jumped away from us.

Kaya said “ I have a special way with wild animals”. I was delighted that she felt so connected and empowered by seeing these deer. Experiences like these, if the adults can share in the wonder, cultivate a lasting love for nature and other species. Actually children seem to have this love so strongly we just have to sit back and allow it to be.  They naturally appreciate their world as long as we take them out into it and give them the opportunity.

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Ceila is currently offering art and nature classes that combine mindfulness. If you are interested contact her at: or 614.824.3429