How to Be a Community of Practitioners

Two new dekyongs (protectors of happiness) will take their oaths on Children’s Day at SMCC. In the dekyong manual, the following description of this path is described by the Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin:

“The ground is: In order to realize our precious human birth, it is necessary to make friends with each other. The path is: When we are friends with each other, we are aware of each others’ needs. When we are aware of each other’s needs, everday life is not limited to personal concern. When our life is not limited to personal concern, we consider others as part of our family. The fruition is: When others are a part of our family, we are dedicated to their benefit. When we are dedicated to the benefit of others, we protect their well-being. When we protect the well-being of others, this precious human birth becomes continuous delight.”

This also sounds like good inspiration for the practice of being in sangha.